Augmented Education: the future of education


Augmented Education, an expression referring to the role of technology as a pedagogical stimulus to prepare learners for the new professions of the future, was both the title and the key topic of the conference held last week in London by Collegio San Carlo.

A remarkable event, organised in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in London and with the participation of Bocconi University, which brought together the best of the Italian and international business community, professionals in the education field and many former students of the renowned Milanese school now living in the UK.

The initiative allowed to explore in depth the current positioning of the Italian education system within the European scenario and, in particular, vis-a-vis that of the United Kingdom, which has always been considered a global benchmark, as well as to analyse the challenges and opportunities that new technologies applied to the educational offer present to the institutions of our country.

Coding, robotics and augmented reality are just some of the innovations that are changing the face of teaching methodology and that Collegio San Carlo has already implemented as part of its path of digital transformation.

As part of a broader collaboration aimed at raising the international profile of the school, Barabino & Partners UK supported Collegio San Carlo in the design, organisation and execution of the event.

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